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Telegraph Dada
Brand New Day
Just a Kiss
Slow it Down
Song for Europe
Bend Like an Anaconda
Should I Laugh or Should I Cry
Life Can Be Beautiful
A Pawn in the Game
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Life Can Be Beautiful
Bend Like an Anaconda
Song for Europe
All lyric rights by Werner Delanoy; Music rights by W. Delanoy (Just a Kiss, Song for Europe, Life Can Be Beautiful, A Pawn in the Game, Lullaby), J. Delanoy (Should I laugh or Should I Cry), W. Delanoy & J. Delanoy (Brand New Day, Slow it Down) and W. Delanoy & A. Oberle (Telegraph Dada, Bend Like an Anaconda, November).

All songs recorded at INTERMEZZO Studio, Bruck/Mur.

All songs mixed and mastered by Armand "Mandy" Oberle.

Cover design by Harry Schneller; Photography by Elfrun Delanoy & Ingrid Oberle.

Many thanks to Kurt Strohmeier and Alexander Grünberger for singing and playing on this album, and to Harry Schneller for designing the cover and booklet.

Thanks to Elfrun and Ingrid for the great pics. You have all done a wonderful job!!!