Song for Europe

Written & composed by W. Delanoy; Arranged by A. Oberle; H. Delanoy: Vocals; W. Delanoy: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar; A. Oberle: All other guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drum Programming; Piano: Alexander Grünberger


This is our song for Europe
Rhapsody in blue
Nobody knows how it will end
An ode or a lament,

This is our song for Europe
United we may stand
To those in need and poverty
May we land a hand.

May a warful past stay past,
Peaceful cooperation last
May conflict never rip apart
A colourful conglomerate.

This is our song for Europe
May confidence and peace
Prevail against fear and hate
Before it is too late,

This is our song for Europe
May solidarity
Rule over national sentiment
Long live democracy.

May those who care for common goals
Raise their voices, speak out loud
May those who share a common dream
Join forces and stand tall and proud.