Bend like an Anaconda

Written by W. Delanoy; Composed by W. Delanoy & A. Oberle; Arranged by A. Oberle; H. Delanoy: Vocals; W. Delanoy: Lead Vocals; A. Oberle: All Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Sound Effects, Drum Programming; K. Strohmeier: Background Vocals


Slide and slither, hither, tither,
In the mood for yummy food
Tease and squeeze, no release,
Second helpings always please
Wriggle, wriggle, jiggle,
Eating beagles is illegal
Stuff the law, first a paw,
Legs and body follow, swallow.

Feeling good, have a crush,
Hold them till they feel like mush
There’s no rush, hush-a-bye,
In the stomach long you lie,
Trick and treat, always meat,
Dancing to the jungle beat
Take a nap, have a rest,
Take some time off to digest.

Bend like an anaconda,
Slide through a forest lake
Glide through the mighty jungle
Crawl like a giant, crawl like a giant,
Crawl like a giant snake.

Hit and miss, hiss and kiss,
Mister, Missis and the Miss
Feel the tongue reach your lungs,
How it flickers, (have a Snickers),
Mama, papa, Bowie, Zappa,
Helter skelter down a shelter
Obladi and oblada,
Reggae, Shaggy, Ragga, (S)ka.

Punk and skunk make you ‚krank‘,
Give you weeks of indigestion
On a diet, on a riot,
No more fasting, (no more quiet)
Boys and girls, girls and boys,
Together we can make some noise
Mend your fences, find romance,
Join the anaconda dance.

Bend like an anaconda …