Life Can Be Beautiful

Written & Composed by W. Delanoy; Arranged by A. Oberle; H. Delanoy: Vocals, W. Delanoy: Vocals; A. Oberle: All Guitars, Ukulele, Bass, Keyboards, Drum Programming; Piano: Alexander Grünberger


When life is good and everything is fair
All trouble gone, you’re walking on air
A nagging doubt that this won’t last too long
Put it away and seize the day .

Life can be beautiful, wonderful
Beauty, beautiful
Skies all blue, words all true
Warm and fresh and new.

May the sunshine touch your skin
Turn a grey day into green
May the rivers flow into your sea
May the four winds set your talents free.

Life can be beautiful, wonderful
Beauty, beautiful
Trees in bloom, gardens green
Like a pleasant dream.

May a moonbeam dance before your eyes
May some stardust settle on your smiles
May your worries no longer bother you
May a fairy make a wish come true.

Life can be rock’n roll’n rock,
Rock around the clock
Pleasure, pleasure, pleasure on the rocks
Twelve-bar lead guitar, licks and magic tricks
Heavy bass that leaves you all amazed.