Should I Laugh or Should I Cry

Written by W. Delanoy; Composed by J. Delanoy; Arranged by A. Oberle; J. Delanoy: Vocals; A. Oberle: Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drum Programming


The moon is on her rise now,
Her face a faint and distant smile
The sun is on his climb now,
He no longer hurts the eye.

He’s down to touch the waves,
They spread their arms to catch his rays
And ask the night to help them
Turn his light into a haze.

It was dusk when I first saw you,
Your eyes a fleeting smile
The evening still before me,
Should I laugh or should I cry.

The boats are safely anchored,
Their sails are flapping in the breeze
The port is still half empty,
There’s a rustle in the trees.

The lights have all come on now,
The pier is mirrored in the sea
A shady, dark reflection,
The lamps a gentle gleam.

It was dusk when I first saw you …

The evening star has come out,
The moon has grown to kiss the sky,
Its darkness yields to bright points
Twinkling far away.

Those who’ve just had dinner
Join to take an evening stroll
Their voices break the silence,
Their mystery is gone.

It was dusk when I first saw you …