Telegraph Dada

The title track – Telegraph Dada – is dedicated to our grandad who had to fight at the Italian front in WW1. Our grandad served in the telegraph corps of a Hungarian battalion, and he was lucky to come back from the war with his body and mind still intact. We called him a German equivalent of dada rather than granddad, the title of the song thus being reminiscent of this form of address. Indeed, we have fond memories of our dada, and the picture on the front cover shows him as a boy more than a 110 years back. Telegraph Dada is one of the many new songs which we wrote since the release of our first album (This is the Life) in 2015. In fact, there is only one piece on the album which was created earlier, namely Should I Laugh or Should I Cry, which Hans wrote and first recorded as John in 1999. This time our songwriting has taken us into familiar territory and some new directions. We have included an anthem for a united Europe, rocky tracks, one of them crossing over into rap, folky ballads, and a classically inspired lullaby, with many of the pieces celebrating the bright side of life. We hope you can feel the joy that inspired our writing and the positive energy that making this album has given us.

Our thanks go to everybody who has helped us make this record, our dearest and nearest for their love and support, our friends for their unfailing friendship, and our fellow musicians for their inspiration. Our special thanks go to Alexander Grünberger and Kurt Strohmeier for playing and singing on this album. We also want to thank Harry Schneller for designing the cover and booklet.

All the songs were recorded, mixed and mastered at Intermezzo Studio with Armand “Mandy” Oberle. Mandy is a brother in spirit, and making this album would not have been possible without him. Indeed, Mandy is a true sound magician, master musician and top-notch producer. He brought out the best in us and helped us hone our songs into shape with his wonderful playing and arrangements.

Hans & Werner Delanoy