Oh Lady, oh Lady

Written & Composed by W. Delanoy; Arranged by A. Oberle; H. Delanoy: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar; W. Delanoy: Lead Vocals; A. Oberle: Electric Guitars, Bass, Drum Programming; U.J. Schmidt: Accordion


Oh lady, oh lady, Ive come a long way
My feet they are tired, been walking all day
No water, no food, the people all rude
My clothes they are dirty, Ive worn out my shoes.
Dont shut the door, dont turn me away
I wont ask for much, please let me stay
The night it is cold, the night it is long
At daybreak - I promise - I will be gone.

Oh lady, oh lady, youre ever so kind
Your food is delicious, I relish your wine
The logs how they crackle in your fireplace
The fire so bright, it lights up your face.
Youre pretty, youre charming, too good to be true
Your eyes mesmerize, the bluest of blue;
Your hair all golden, your lips a dark red
Oh, what would I give to lie in your bed.

Oh lady, oh lady, youve got me all wrong
I swear on my life, I swear by this song
Im not what you think, dont show me the door
Oh, please let me stay, Ill sleep on the floor.
You say your husband soon will be back
And when he is told, he will break my neck
Give me a minute to pack up my bags
Im already gone, dont lose your rag.