Ode to the Good Life

Written & Composed by W. Delanoy; Arranged by A. Oberle; H. Delanoy: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar; W. Delanoy: Lead Vocals, Bass; A. Oberle: Electric Guitars, Drum-Programming; U.J. Schmidt: Accordion


I couldnŽt lead the life of monks
Cause earthly pleasures they forego
Nor do I care for tragic love
IŽd hate to end like Romeo.
IŽd rather lead the life of Pan
In forests green and olive groves
Among some elves and lots of wine
The satyrs all great pals of mine.

IŽm not an idler yet IŽd hate
To work my fingers to the bone
Nor when some music comes to town
Do I want to stay at home.
IŽd rather dance the night away
With pretty lassies by my side
And when the sun has climbed the sky
Dreaming in my bed IŽd lie.

And when the day has finally come
To breathe my last, to say goodbye
DonŽt cry no tears, donŽt dress in black
Be merry when you hold my wake.
Make hay while the sun still shines
Make heart and mind a pleasant rhyme
As best you can, as best you may
Let joy and pleasure rule your day.