New Horizon

Written & Composed by W. Delanoy; Arranged by A. Oberle; H. Delanoy: Vocals; W. Delanoy: Lead Vocals; A. Oberle: All Guitars, Bass, Drum Programming; U.J. Schmidt: Accordion


Say goodbye, say goodbye to it all
The higher you climb, the harder they say you will fall
Say goodbye, say goodbye to it all
May the landing be safe; may your spirit and body stay tall.

The moon´s your guide, your best friend
It beams you up and takes your hand
Headed for a new horizon
The winds embrace you, stroke your hair
They lift you up and take you where
The morning sun is slowly rising.

Moving on, never mind, never mind to leave all behind
You float through the night, through the night
Till it gives way to light.
The time it has come to start all over again
The time has come to say goodbye
You´re headed for a new horizon.