Moving Strong

Written & Composed by W. Delanoy; Arranged by A. Oberle; H. Delanoy: Vocals; W. Delanoy: Lead Vocals, Electric Guitar; A. Oberle: Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Organ, Drum Programming, Michael Willmann: Shaker & Tambourine


If I had wings to fly away, wings to cross the skies,
Wings to carry me past the deep blue sea.

Moving on, letting go of what is gone
Flying high, soaring up the endless sky
Moving strong, never looking left or right
Moving fast, going at the speed of light.

I wish my lines jumped off the page
To meet your thoughts, a warm embrace
I wish my rhymes took me where
The four winds blow right through your hair.

IŽd ask the winds to hurry on, the sun to keep me warm,
The moon to dim her light, the stars to shine all bright.

Moving on ...