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Das neue Album ist erschienen. Es trägt den Titel "8770". The new album (8770) is out !!!

About Us

The Lannoys is a family band with two brothers - Hans and Werner - sharing their musical tastes. We first played together in the 1970s doing covers of 60s and 70s pop and rock acts (with The Lucky Men) and performing our own songs in the prog rock band Alberich. In the following 30 years - musically - we went our separate ways, Hans playing with Okemah, Al and John, Desmond Doyle and Friends and DiDA, while Werner made music with United States of Love, The Greyhounds, Wikuda and Bad Boy Dupree. A couple of years back, when Hans celebrated a special birthday, we had a great sing-along together. Indeed, we hit it off so well that we formed The Lannoys, the band name being reminiscent of how our family name was spelt when our ancestors moved to Austria. As The Lannoys, we pen and perform our own songs, and in our music we bring together different styles and influences (Rock n Roll, Folk, Blues, Prog Rock and Pop). As a live band we can offer a varied programme including our own songs and some great covers. As for our studio work, we released our first album (This is the Life) with Round the World Records in March 2015. Our second album - Telegraph Dada - came out in September 2017, this time with Intermezzo Records. The Lannoys have just released a new album with the title 8770, which is the postal code of their hometown in Styria/Austria.

Werner Delanoy

Werner Delanoy

Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Songwriter, Composer

On stage since 1974 with The Lucky Men (1974-75), Alberich (1975-77), United States of Love (1976-77), as a solo act (1985-87), with The Greyhounds (2004-08), Wikuda (2008-2012) and Bad Boy Dupree (since 2012). Since 1993 lyricist for Okemah, Al & John, John and DiDA. Plays lead guitar as a guest musician on the CD Ferrum 189 (DiDA). Since 2013: The Lannoys (CDs: This is the Life, Telegraph Dada, 8770).

Hans Delanoy

Hans Delanoy

Vocals, Guitar, Whistling, Harp, Songwriter, Composer

On stage since 1973 with The Lucky Men (1973-75) and Alberich (1975-77); Founding member of Okemah (1980-1998), John in Al & John (1993-2004), member of Desmond Doyle & Friends (since 2007) and DiDA (since 2013). Several CD productions with Okemah (Ruck ma z'samm, Lost Nations, Clonmel, I Saw the Light), Al & John (Private Eye), Desmond Doyle & Friends (Lady of the Lamplight, For a While) and DiDA (Ferrum 189). One single CD as John, written for a mining-symposium in Golden/Colorado (High as the Sky). Since 2013: The Lannoys (CDs: This is the Life, Telegraph Dada, 8770).


This is the Life

Telegraph Dada

The Lannoys - 8770

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Werner Delanoy: Tel.: 0650-4855765 / e-mail
Hans Delanoy: Tel.: 0650-5556849 / e-mail

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